21 March 2018 12:00  

  • TwinVaves' patented digital ADvertisement infrastructure for TV (dADi.t) is a cloud based technology solution for STBs/ Digital TVs, which provides good Value add & Benefits to MSOs/Broadcasters/STB Solution Providers to i) Expand Subscriber base ii) Get real time viewing habits of Viewers iii) Personalise the user interface & iv) Enhance Ad revenue via back channel in Hybrid STBs. This can reduce advertisers wasteful expenditure, while users will see only relevant ads which can result in increased Customer Satisfaction.

  • Patent granted for our Data Analytics & Ad Delivery Technology in the year 2015.
  • Benefits to the MSOs

    • Real-time Viewing Pattern Analysis to help in new subscribers acquisition
    • Enhanced Viewing Experience with Personalization of UI
    • Recommendation of Programs based on user viewing habits
    • Increased Ad Revenue using Targeted Ads with Instant Purchase
    • Mobile companion App to enhance ease of use of users

    Benefits to the Advertisers

    • Targeted Ads based on User Behaviour, User Profile or Location to reduce wastage of Ad $
    • High Value Data Analytics to optimise the Ad-Campaigns in real-time
    • Best-in class Innovative Ad displays
    • Support to create RichMedia Ad Banners
    • Easy to use Soft Remote for Viewer Identification

    Data Analytics & Personalisation

    • Real-time survey of User Viewing Habits
    • Personalisation of UI based on User viewing behaviour
    • Insight into the Most active time of the day, Most engaged households
    • Ad-Companion for instant product purchase

    Key Features:

    • Real-time Viewing Pattern Analysis
    • Program Recommendation Engine
    • Personalised Ads on Video & UI
    • PersonalisedAds based on:
      • - Viewing Habits
      • - User Profile
      • - User Location
      • - Demographics
    • Instant Online Purchase
    • Personalised User Interface
    • Virality Library
    • Mobile Companion App

    Roadmap Features:

    • 3D type Ad Displays
    • Deep Analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence